Skin Cancer Reconstruction

As a renowned NYC plastic surgeon, Dr. Norman Rowe’s skin expertise includes the careful analysis of skin lesions, dark spots, and moles. The signs of skin cancer can be subtle and Dr. Rowe will help you navigate all aspects of lesion removal to identify whether skin cancer is present. Regardless of the type of skin cancer – basal cell carcinoma, melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, or sarcoma – Dr. Rowe will guide you through the removal and skin recovery process.

Skin Biopsy

If you are concerned about a certain area of your skin or a lesion or mole that has changed shape or color, Dr. Rowe will perform a skin cancer biopsy for accurate diagnosis.

Skin Lesion Removal and Mole Removal

Many patients choose mole removal or skin biopsy by Dr. Rowe to ensure the cleanest, most scar-free healing possible. Additionally, some areas of the body that are more delicate or contain less fatty tissue are best addressed by a plastic surgeon.

Skin Cancer Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Patients with extensive areas of skin cancer receive expert and compassionate care from Dr. Rowe and his staff. Dr. Rowe specializes in skin cancer reconstruction and helping patients achieve pleasing cosmetic results after excision of skin cancer. He employs the latest methods for wound repair to facilitate healing using the skin from around the wound or another part of your body, as necessary.

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Rowe Plastic Surgery is pleased to assist all patients who may be concerned about the potential presence of skin cancer and those who have been diagnosed with skin cancer. Call 212-628-7300 to schedule a private consultation and discuss your skin cancer recovery needs with our doctors.