Ear Surgery | Otoplasty

Otoplasty is ear plastic surgery to improve the overall appearance of the ears, including the shape, size, or position. Often cosmetic ear surgery is elected to correct asymmetrical ears or protruding ears. Ears that appear to “stick out” too far can be safely improved with ear pinning surgery. Dr. Norman Rowe, leading adult and pediatric plastic surgeon in New York, specializes in helping adults and children achieve more aesthetically pleasing ears that are naturally in proportion to facial features and head size.

Your Ear Correction Surgery

As a highly specialized plastic surgeon, Dr. Rowe performs ear surgery on both children and adults in need of varying degrees of ear correction. He is particularly skilled in making children feel comfortable while safely working to improve the appearance of their ears without visible scaring. He will expertly perform your otoplasty procedure on-site, addressing the unique cartilage and skin revision needs of each ear.

Ear Correction Recovery

Ear pinning surgery is a highly safe procedure with minimal recovery time. Just after the procedure you will rest comfortably in our medical suite with our skilled nurses. At home, you will be able to resume school or work in just a few short days.

Ear Surgery Results

Dr. Rowe’s plastic surgery patients enjoy superior ear correction results immediately after surgery. With some ear surgeries the changes are slight, but are significantly pleasing to the patient. Other patients achieve more drastic ear correction results that greatly improve how they feel about their appearance. The improved self-confidence you’ll feel when looking in the mirror will surely make you more comfortable and self-assured.

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