Breast Reconstruction Revision

Breast Reconstruction Revision

For many breast cancer patients, reconstruction is a journey, rather than a “one and done” surgery. However, the surgeon they started that journey with may no longer be a good fit for them. Some patients may be dissatisfied with their current breast reconstruction results for any number of reasons, including disliking the way implants look or feel. Other patients may be looking for a surgeon who does a better job of listening to their concerns and creating a supportive healing environment.

Fortunately, regardless of which or how many procedures you may have had before, the law guarantees that all surgeries related to treatment of your breast cancer are covered by health insurance. We have expertise in revising your breast reconstruction in many different ways.

These include:

  • Creating a breast in patients who have never had any reconstruction (also known as delayed reconstruction)
  • Changing implants from one kind/shape/size to another implant
  • Lifting or shaping a reconstructed breast that is fallen or “saggy”
  • Improving the symmetry between a reconstructed breast and the other breast
  • Switching from implants to your body’s own tissue, like a DIEP flap
  • Adding fat grafting to your reconstructed breast (either an implant or a flap) to increase the size or change the shape

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