Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction after cancer is an intensely personal journey, which can be complex or at times overwhelming. Our goal at Rowe Plastic Surgery is to create a caring and supportive environment to allow you to be a partner in the decision-making process. We gladly guide patients who are at any step in their journey – whether you are someone who is newly diagnosed with cancer or had prior surgery many years ago, whether you are considering preventative surgery or need surgery to fix a more urgent problem. With our many years of taking care of hundreds of patients with these problems, we can talk you through all the options and possibilities that are right for you and your body. Because of decades of the strong advocacy of breast cancer survivors, health insurance will cover virtually all of these procedures, and our insurance-coverage experts will assist you from day one.

Implant-Based Reconstruction

One of the forms of reconstruction that we offer uses implants to help recreate the breast mound. This surgery is typically done in two stages, with the first stage at the time of mastectomy (breast removal) when a tissue expander is placed. A tissue expander is a temporary implant that is used to create a pocket for the final breast implant. We have experience placing the implant either below (retropectoral) or above (prepectoral) the chest muscle, depending on what is right for the patient depending on a number of complex factors. The second stage involves the exchange of the tissue expander for a permanent implant, made of either silicone or saline. This typically a short, outpatient procedure and can be combined with a symmetrizing breast lift or reduction on the opposite side. It is important to note that “permanent” implants are not designed to last for your entire life but should be changed every 10-15 years. In some patients, fat grafting using your own fat removed with liposuction will allow contouring and a more natural appearance for the upper breast.

Tissue-Based Reconstruction

Another form of reconstruction that we offer uses your body’s own tissue to recreate the breast. This is called autologous reconstruction. We can take the tissue from different sites depending on what works best for the patient and her body. One procedure we commonly perform is called the DIEP flap. We take the extra tissue from your tummy that would be thrown away in a tummy tuck and use that tissue to make a new breast. This can be done on one side or on both breasts. In some cases when a patient has a relatively small tummy, we can use the entire abdomen to make one breast. We can also take tissue from the back, thighs or buttock if the abdomen is not an option. It is important to note that patients can undergo this procedure years after their initial reconstruction, especially if they have undergone radiation and would prefer a softer, more natural looking breast. This procedure can also be combined with a lymph node axillary or armpit reconstruction for patients with lymphedema.

Nipple Reconstruction

Once a patient has completed reconstruction of the breast mound, we can do different procedures to create a new nipple. This can involve a small procedure to create the “button” of the nipple, potentially combined with tattooing to create a color that is as natural as possible.

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