Breast Augmentation

While breast implants is the most popular procedure performed worldwide, Dr. Rowe feels that breast augmentation is a very personal decision and one not to rush into. He sees many patients desiring breast augmentation, all who have various reasons when deciding to have this procedure. Dr. Rowe believes that every woman should feel comfortable with her body and that perhaps breast augmentation can give a woman the image she has always desired. Breast enlargement is a great procedure for women that have smaller breast, would like to appear better in clothes, or those that have breast-fed and lost fullness.

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In some cases, tuberous breast asymmetry correction surgery may be covered by insurance.

Also, woman that have lost weight tend to loose the weight first in their breast, which gives them an “pancake” looking breast rather than a beautiful full breast that a woman should have.

Dr. Rowe spends time during the consultation discussing all the aspect of breast augmentation including the preoperative evaluation, the surgery itself as well as the postoperative recuperative period. He first measures the breast, and decides with the patient which size is the best size for them. Dr. Rowe encourages his patients to visit his office as many times as they need in order to help and make sure that they are comfortable with all of their decisions.

Dr. Rowe and his expert staff are is available to answer any questions a patient may have at any point in the decision process.

Dr. Rowe discusses the various techniques to insert a breast implant. These include via the axilla (armpit), around the areola, inframammary (bottom of breast) and via the belly-button (transumbilical breast augmentation, TUBA). Conversation includes whether the implant will be place above or below the chest muscle (pectoralis major muscle).


Silicone filled implants are very safe and effective. They are also very natural in appearance and feel. The advantage of using silicon is that rippling is less noticeable than saline-filled implants. Dr. Rowe usually places these implant via the areolar or inframammary incisions. These are a good choice regardless of amount of enhancement desired. One disadvantage of silicone implants is that these implants van not be place via the belly-button incision as with saline-filled implants.


Dr. Rowe fells that saline filled implants are a better alternative if a patient desires no incisions on the breast, as saline implants can be place via the armpit and belly button incisions. These implants are a good choice for the patient who desires only modest enlargement of their breast.

The final determination of which implant type, incision used and implant placement is used is highly patient dependent and Dr. Rowe helps in guiding his patients to a well-informed decision.

Dr. Rowe’s surgery takes between 1 hour to two hours for breast augmentation surgery, this entails a board certified anesthesiologist to put the patient to sleep, monitor them during the procedure, wake them and care for them during the immediate post-operative period.

After breast implants are placed and the surgery is over, there tends to be swelling, which is normal as this is the bodies response to surgery. This may take weeks to months to resolve completely and is patient dependent.

The two main complications that come from breast implants are capsule contracture, which is scar tissue around the implants that pushes the implants up or makes the implants, feel hard. The second most common complication is always infection of the breast implants. These complications are rare but can happen and may result in loss of the implant