Hernia Repair/Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

Hernia Repair/Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

A hernia is a defect or weakness in the fascial layer that surrounds your abdominal cavity. This may allow bowel to protrude through or even get trapped in this defect causing pain or a bulge. Some people are born with small hernias. Many women develop hernias during pregnancy. Commonly, hernias can occur from previous surgery or complications from previous surgery. Some of these hernias can become very large or reoccur, necessitating a reconstruction of the abdominal wall.

How Do We Treat A Hernia?

Most small hernias can be repaired with simple suture techniques. Larger hernias may require reinforcement with mesh, muscle or fascial flaps, or a combination of techniques. With larger hernia repairs, surgery is often performed in collaboration with other specialties. The size as well as the difficulty of the repair determines the technique used. CAT scans may be required to help with planning your surgery.

Combined Procedures

Hernia repair can often be combined with other procedures. Many times, hernia repair can be performed along with general or gynecological surgery, liposuction, abdominoplasty, or panniculectomy.

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