Patient Testimonials

“I have always been “well endowed.” I’d wanted to get a breast reduction for years and was sick of not being able to wear properly fitting clothes (especially button up tops). I finally looked up plastic surgeons in my area and came upon Dr. Rowe. I initially decided to see him because his reviews were very strong.

I went in and had my first consultation with Dr. Rowe and told him and his team what I was looking for. We were on the same page from the beginning and he was so open to everything I said, I knew he was truly listening to me and not projecting what he thought would be best for me. Mia and the girls in his office took care of getting my insurance to cover it and got back to me very quickly. Mia outlined the pre-op appointments I needed to be cleared for surgery and I set them up with the doctors she referred. I came back into the office twice before my surgery to check-in with Dr. Rowe and set the game plan for exactly what I wanted. Although some of the surgeries are done in his office, mine was at Lennox Hill/MEETH. Dr. Rowe likes to do his surgeries first thing, so mine started around 7:30. He met me there and met me before surgery with the anesthesiologist, we went into the OR, and the next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery. I went home the same afternoon and slept a lot from the meds they gave me. For the next day or so, I was sore, but felt nothing when I layed still. Needless to say, I just layed low. I was back up and walking around like nothing happened in 4-5 days. I was working out again, full out, after 5-6 weeks.

My greatest take always from my experience:

  1. Dr. Rowe makes everything about what you want. He asks you what your end goals are and focuses on them.
  2. Dr. Rowe uses the latest technology and surgical procedures. I was back at work teaching (standing all day and moving around) 13 days after my surgery. I was off any type of pain medicine TWO days after my surgery (not even tylenol).
  3. Mia and the rest of the team will do whatever it takes to make you comfortable. That includes doing 100% of the work with your insurance to get everything approved. I never even had to speak to my insurance company.
  4. Mia is ridiculously responsive to every phone call/email you make. I swear on everything I own, she has never responded to my inquiries with more than a 4 minute delay.
  5. I’m only upset I didn’t do this sooner! I have no more back pain, no shoulder straps, I wear the clothes I want (that actually fit!). If you are even considering any surgery with Dr. Rowe, you’re moving in the right direction. Go in for a consultation, ask your questions, look at his previous work, and you’ll be sold!

I hope this helps you make your decision. I’ve told all of my friends and relatives back home about my experience.”